Rondom Gees

najaarsrit 8 & 9 oktober 2022

In and around Gees

Gees is an old village in the South-East of Drenthe, but then again a village that has embraced modern times and has active and enterprising residents.

It is situated in the region (province) of “Magical Drenthe” with its fortified capital Coevorden known for its rich history and a number of historical buildings that bear witness to a turbulent past.

Besides Coevorden, the region “Magical Drenthe” also has many picturesque villages and one of them is Gees.

In summer and winter Gees contributes a lot of activities that attract people from near and far, because Gees is the centre of a beautiful area with lots tot experience, see and do.

Therefore many oldtime motorbike owners have returned to the annual veteran motortour “Rondom Gees” since April 2008. This beautiful motortour instantly put Gees on the map as the place-to-be for motorcyclists and motorbike lovers (aficionados/ fans). A day of reunion with old acquintances and the beginning of many friendships exceeding all bounds.

Gees and its surroundings lend themselves extremely well for motor tours; if it is good for cycling and walking, it’s also good for motorcycling on antique motorbikes.

Gees offers all Drenthe is known for and proud of. You will find traces of the past like hunebedden (megaliths) and prehistorical burial mounds. You’ll drive from village to village on old cobbled roads but also on newly asphalted roads. Your tour will bring you along modern farmland, but also along ancient open fields. There is plenty of space and a lot of wonderful areas to be explored by motorbike. Vast forests, large heaths, old peatland with its canals and pastures as far as the eye can see, and drive! And driving can still be done on the many secondary roads. All in all there are enough opportunities to enjoy and see all there is to be experienced.

People doing their jobs, children cycling to school, farmers taking care of their sheep and cattle peacefully grazing the meadows.

In the fine sand and brinkvillages it is, as a motorcyclist, not hard to imagine what live must have been in the old days. As a motorcyclist on an antique motorbike you will fit perfectly into this scenery (decor).

 Fortunately it’s not the order of the day that everything is old and antique. In the South-East of Drenthe modern people know very well what they are in need of even though they drive an antique motorbike.

Many little and cosy tea and coffeerooms, restaurants and hotels are present everywhere to accommodate the motorized visitor in search of some well-earned peace and new energy.

It goes without saying that cosyness, kindness and hospitality are still of great importance to the local catering. You could step off your bike and experience this kindness and chat with people on the move.

After touring through all these beautiful sceneries it’s well worth returning to Gees and for those who want to spend the night, there are plenty of accommodations in the village and its immediate vicinity.

A day of touring  “In and around Gees” means you will be completely recharged.